On the Date of Oral Check-up

How many crew members would the project send to schools on the date of the check-up?

Usually, we would send 2-3 crew members to schools, including dentists and assistants.

Dentists would apply Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) to children’s decayed teeth/ tooth. What is SDF?

SDF is a solution that has been proven effective in slowing down tooth decay and safe to use in children. It causes no significant impact on general health.

Children’s decayed teeth/ tooth turn(s) black after SDF is applied. Will the black colour fade afterwards?

After SDF treatment, cavities will turn black or dark brown. It is an expected outcome indicating that the active decay is stopped successfully. However, SDF will not turn other healthy teeth black. If the solution touches the skin, it will cause a grey tint on the skin, but the tint will fade gradually within one week.

What do teachers need to pay attention after the children receive SDF treatment?

Children are advised not to eat or drink in 30 minutes after receiving the SDF treatment. If children accidentally stain SDF solution on their skin or clothing, they should wash or clean it immediately.

What do schools need to prepare for the oral check-up?

Schools need to prepare the following items:

  1. Two long tables: for children to lie on during the oral check-up;
  2. two chairs or stairs: for children to step on and get on the table;
  3. two square tables: for placing the medical agents, required documents, etc.;
  4. two to four low chairs: for dentists and assistants during the check-up;
  5. four plastic table clothes: to cover the four tables;
  6. two trash bags; and
  7. two paper clipboards.
Besides, schools please prepare the signed parental consent forms, name list of the participating children and individual oral health reports with children’s name printed on or before the date of the oral check-up. Please pass these documents to our assistants before the check-up starts.

Do our staff need to stand by during the oral check-up?

Yes. Teachers please assemble the children and let them line up according to the name lists when they are waiting for the check-up. Besides, teachers please help comfort the children to smoothen the process of the check-up.

What measures will be taken for prevention of COVID-19, respiratory tract infection and other communicable diseases during the oral check-up?

Children’s safety is always our prior concern in the outreach service. We are taking a set of measures in the dental check-ups in kindergartens to minimise the risk of COVID-19, respiratory tract infection and other communicable diseases. Please refer to the document for the details.