Arranging Oral Check-up / Preparation Before the Check-up

What is the scale of the Jockey Club Children Oral Health Project?

The project covers all the kindergartens in Hong Kong and targets to serve more than 180,000 children from the academic year 2020/21.

Is it safe for the children to receive the dental check-up?

The dental check-up is non-invasive, which would not cause any wounds. Dentists would dispose of the used tools after the check-up for every child to minimize the chance of cross-infection.

Are there any extra charges for the oral check-up and the Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) treatment for the children?

The Jockey Club Children Oral Health Project is funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. It provides free-of-charge services for children, including oral check-up and the Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) treatment.

How long does the oral check-up take for one child?

In general, the oral check-up takes less than a minute for one child. For the children who have severe tooth decay, the process may take one minute or more for the SDF treatment.

Would you provide any documents to schools for arranging and conducting the oral check-up?

We would provide documents to schools such as the project details, consent form to parents, record sheets for service use, etc. All the documents would be sent to schools four to eight weeks in advance of the oral check-up. We would contact the schools to elaborate in detail after sending out the documents.

When would parents’ talk be held?

The parents’ talk usually would be scheduled on the date of the oral check-up. It can be arranged before or after school for inviting more parents to join. The arrangement of parents’ talk depends on the consideration of schools, and there is no requirement on the number of participants.

What is the parents’ talk about?

Our dentists would highlight some common oral health-related problems among preschool children, discuss the findings of children’s oral health status and introduce our dental outreach service in the parents’ talk. A question-and-answer session would be followed.

What is the scope of service of the Jockey Club Children Oral Health Project?

We screen and control existing cavities among Hong Kong’s preschool children through outreach services in order to prevent further decay.